Tibor's Musings

Common Lisp Extensibility

A friend suggested that object orientation may have been added to Lisp in an "usine à gaz" sort of way. This post is an extended answer to that claim.

Common Lisp Object System

In a previous post, I looked at Common Lisp extensibility, how easy and how natural it is to implement single-method dispatch in the language; and how "unnecessary" it actually is, given the other powerful constructs of the language. Let's now look at CLOS, the Common Lisp Object System, to see how the object orientation is really done in the Lisp world.

Common Lisp Runtime Redefinition

I think Lisp is the ideal enviroment for rapid prototyping: even better than Python. One example is that you can modify your code on-the-fly while running it; there is no better debugging tool.