Tibor's Musings

Emacs Bindings in GTK Applications

Emacs offers many functionalities natively; I routinely use it for writing, email, news, chat, programming, web browsing, image viewing, and much more. Sharing the same environment and the same keyboard shortcuts everywhere is good for productivity. However, what if one uses a standalone GTK application such as Chromium or Pidgin? Is it possible to share most of Emacs keyboard shortcuts there as well?

Gnome3 First Look

Now that Gnome 3.0.2 packages hit Debian Wheezy repository, I thought of giving vanilla Gnome a try for a week or two. After many years of using small, tiling, keyboard-friendly window managers ion, dwm, awesome and xmonad, I was curious to see how a typical mainstream Desktop Environment user experience evolved over time from a keyboard-oriented user point of view.