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Programming: Engineering or Poetry?

Is programming more like an engineering or it is more like an art?

I just came across a recent interview of Richard Gabriel for java.sun.com where he precisely pushes against considering programming as a sole engineering activity, underlines the role of creativeness and diversity and makes parallels between …

Programming: Technology or People?

What matters more in advancing a software project, a sound technology or a sound team? The team, obviously. But how much?

Mythical Man-Month

In his comments to the MMM edition after 20 years, F. Brooks writes:

Some readers have found it curious that MMM devotes most of the essays to …

Common Lisp and Python

I consider Python to be quite a Lisp-y language, clean and nice for rapid development, with lots of libraries. One message on comp.lang.python said "I never understood why LISP was a good idea until I started playing with python".

Peter Norvig

A nice comparison of Python and Lisp …

Common Lisp Runtime Speed

Common Lisp has got fancy compilers that compile to native code, so it runs typically ~10 times faster than Python, see e.g. Peter Norvig's Python for Lisp Programmers. It's a dynamically typed language though, so it runs somehow slower (say 50%-100%) than statically typed OCaml/C++. Can one …