Tibor's Musings


Tibor Simko is currently working as the Lead Developer of Invenio digital library software. He also leads CERN's Digital Library Technology team, works as the Technology Lead behind CERN Open Data portal, and is one of the Technology Directors behind INSPIRE, the next-generation High Energy Physics information system built in a world wide collaboration among CERN, DESY, FNAL, IHEP and SLAC laboratories.

Prior to working in the information management field, Tibor was busy performing numerical simulations in plasma physics, all the while taking numerous part-time computing jobs and projects. (Among others, the package management for Debian GNU/Linux or tiny contributions to GNU Emacs.) Working in between physics, mathematics, and computing has been in Tibor's interests since early junior years.

Tibor received an MSc degree in Physical Electronics and Microelectronics from Comenius University; a PhD degree in Plasma Physics from Comenius University and a PhD degree in Physics of Gases and Plasmas from Université Paris Sud. He authored more than fifty articles and conference contributions.

Tibor's wide professional interests include information management and retrieval, interoperability standards, programming languages, software development, philosophy and psychology of programming, Unix administration and security, web development and user interfaces, database programming and administration, numerical calculations and computer simulations in physics, and more.

The full curriculum vitae is available upon request.