Tibor's Musings


Tibor Šimko holds an MSc degree in Physical Electronics and Microelectronics from Comenius University, a PhD degree in Plasma Physics from Comenius University and a PhD degree in Physics of Gases and Plasmas from Université Paris Sud.

Tibor joined CERN to work as a Computing Engineer where he founded the Invenio digital repository framework. Tibor later worked as a Technology Director of INSPIRE, the high-energy physics information system built in a world wide collaboration among CERN, DESY, FNAL, IHEP and SLAC laboratories. Tibor participated in several EC projects related to data preservation and information management (BlogForever, CRISP).

Tibor now leads several open science and reproducible research data projects at CERN. He is the founder of the CERN Open Data portal, the CERN Analysis Preservation service, and the REANA Reusable Analyses platform.

Tibor's professional interests include open science, reproducible research, data preservation and analysis workflows, information management and retrieval, software architecture and development, psychology of programming, free software culture and more.

The full curriculum vitae is available upon request.