Tibor's Musings

Local Handling of GitHub Pull Requests

If a project uses GitHub repository and receives many pull requests coming from many developers, it is not necessary to add remote repository for every developer to one's local checkout in order to work with pull requests locally. By tweaking one's .git/config one can automatically receive all upstream pull …

Quick Jumping Around Project Files in Emacs

Imagine you are hacking on a project, working on some file, and you would like to quickly open another file of the same project, located in a completely different and possibly nested subdirectory. How to do this efficiently in Emacs?

Usual solutions are not fast enough

There are several ways …

Git Fetch Trouble Workaround

When fetching from a git repository such as Invenio one, you may encounter a situation where fetching a branch does not work due to missing objects, all the while cloning the same repository anew works well. Here is how to work around the fetching problem.

If fetching replies:

$ cd ~/private …

Git Subversion Mirroring

Consider a project using git source code management system. Now imagine a need arises to automatically mirror git commits to a (read-only) subversion repository. How can one achieve such an automated push?

One technique is to use git-svn extension and prepare git grafts to link the two repositories together. Here …