Tibor's Musings

SSH Tunnelling

Imagine being at home and wanting to connect to a web site sitting behind the corporate firewall. The web site is not open to the outside world; one can only use it from within the corporate IP domain range. How to quickly set up an SSH tunnel to reach it?

USB 3G Modem Tips

Recently I got to use a T-Mobile SK USB 3G Mobile Broadband Modem device (ZTE MF190). Here are notes on how to make it work in GNU/Linux.


Have you ever tried to use echo with sudo to write some text to files owned by another user? Did not work? Tee, a handy tool that reads from standard input and writes to standard output and files, is here help.


Sed, the stream editor, is a useful tool in one's command-line-fu. Here are some nifty one-liners.