Tibor's Musings

Local Handling of GitHub Pull Requests

If a project uses GitHub repository and receives many pull requests coming from many developers, it is not necessary to add remote repository for every developer to one's local checkout in order to work with pull requests locally. By tweaking one's .git/config one can automatically receive all upstream pull requests as remote upstream/pr branches.

Quick Jumping Around Project Files in Emacs

Imagine you are hacking on a project, working on some file, and you would like to quickly open another file of the same project, located in a completely different and possibly nested subdirectory. How to do this efficiently in Emacs?

Sending Encrypted Messages with GnuPG

GnuPG is useful to encrypt sensitive information. It can be used in many diverse scenarios, including (1) encrypting sensitive files located on your computer, to be consumed by yourself; (2) encrypting sensitive information to send to your friends via email, to be consumed by others. Here is a detailed recipe for the second use case.

SLC Kernel OpenAFS Upgrade Enforcement

When running vanilla Scientific Linux CERN distribution, i.e. without Puppet or Quattor to manage the node, then the regular upgrading of the operating system can lead to a kernel dependency problem due to the openafs module. Here is a recipe on how to fix it.